Monday, June 27, 2011


I'm holding fast to 280 pounds, but ready to drop more any day. At least I haven't ballooned back up! Trying to shrink my stomach with apple juice, water and light, frequent eating of raw vegetables, cream cheese, soups and crackers these next few days. It's just a practical way to finish off the juice and the excess vegetables I bought. And I actually felt really good all day. May be the natural sugar in the apple juice. One of the few things I'm picky about: I crave not-from-concentrate apple juice.

I want to write a bit about gimmicks today. I have a built-in tune-out switch when diet stuff is advertised. I don't tout the effectiveness of the Atkins diet because of what people say, but of how it's worked with me. I like the proven science of ketosis, and fixing one imbalance with another. I still say that Weight Watchers Points is just a complicated and then simplified calorie diet. No one can convince me otherwise. The basic Atkins program is free on their website; you don't pay a dime unless you want their fancy (and expensive!) shakes, meal bars and snacks. Weight Watchers members pay for support more than anything, but anyone can choose to do a simple calorie diet instead.


Changing one's lifestyle is just a series of checks and balances. You eat too much crappy-quality food, you gain weight! You eat just enough healthy food to live and you move around, you lose weight! When people say anything else or additional, they're selling something. Probably lucratively.

I take what works, throw it together, and get a new product-- one that works exclusively for me. If I can eat to lose weight living hand to mouth, then anyone can.

I guess I'm just tired of people looking for the magic pill or the painless surgery that will "fix" all their fat, making it melt into a puddle at their feet so they can step into a minidress and paint the town.

And as for cushy feelings, I don't worry about crushing them. Tiptoe-ing around the big, fat, leathery elephant in the room and averting your eyes doesn't make it go away. I've used the words "chunky" and "thick" and just plain "fat." I've been told I'm "not THAT big" and "this OTHER girl was about your size, maybe a little bigger." I refuse to shoulder the whole obesity "epidemic" gripping the country.

In public, "polite" has its limits, much like a tube top, but it does stretch quite a bit without turning too ugly. I can only work on me, and refuse to gasp and clap my hand over my mouth when I say the three letter F word in public within earshot of one who fits the description. "Fat," of course, being that word!

The truth is, none of that matters. People will disguise their excuses for reasons and their reasons for permission as long as the world stands. At least in the subject of Health Overhaul, I have no interest in excuses. Seeing my feet when I look down would be awesome, but so would adding a few years onto my life by being healthier. See? Simple.

Well, that's the practicality part. The gimmicky part happened, too. And now for the excuse: "Who let me type all those sarcastic CAPS and 'quotes'? And italics, even! Sheez! I must be hormonal!"

G'Night! Or Day. Or bleak winter on Hoth, where potentially there is no real night cuz the snow is sooo bright but all there is to eat is meat that you slaughter yourself. And fish, if you can break the ice. At least you get wireless, Hoth. At least!