Wednesday, July 27, 2011

End of Week 2: Franken-Fast!

Well, I wouldn't call it very much a "fast" this week. I had three or four really naughty eating days. Like going shopping with Ryan and Melody naughty, and just HAVIN' to stop at Taco Bell and IHOP. And it was downhill after that. But I did get most of my wedding-decor shopping finished, so I can't complain.

The funny thing is, I didn't lose weight this week. I actually gained a pound. Scientifically, I realize that my exercise has the illusory effect of weight gain because I'm building muscle while still burning fat. Stupid exercise, makin' it seem like I am still just as fat! But here's the exciting part: my measurements all went down by 1 inch or more!

After mostly crappy eating habits the last part of the week, my yard-work and mowing paid off a bit. Numerically speaking, I'm unhappy about not losing poundage. I know that I would have if I stuck to the diet more closely. But I'll count the week a success in measurements alone!

The success is worth a Week Three, I think. I'll tell you all about it then. (Whatever you do, Self, don't go a-visitin' where there's food!)


BMI: 38 (Ugh! Obese... duh. But two points away from morbidly obese. Scary!)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

End of Week 1: Franken-Fast!

I lost 5 pounds this week! I also lost up to an inch or more off each of my measurements. So far, this regimen is working for me. I've forced myself to do a daily food diary without all the writing. If I deviate from the plan, I just write what I ate in as many boxes as necessary to make up the calorie "cost." I keep my calorie counts and details for each entry posted above this grid on my fridge:

It's a little blurry, but you can see what I'm talking about. I didn't begrudge myself an extra egg or crackers with the tuna salad, or extra deli meat to go with my green salad. I made Mexican chicken with salsa and cheese, plus some refried beans. I made teriyaki chicken with white rice. I ate chicken parmesan with spaghetti yesterday, and still lost weight. :) And I had a rough day the day before that, using up almost all my calories on chocolate and BBQ Grippos. But I'm officially at 279 now, and apparently dropping. :-D

And this is my Activity Log:

Last week, I only exercised twice: once when I lifted weights, and again when I played Tae Bo. I increased my water intake. And we're not going to discuss the sick faces on the 13th, suffice it to say that I didn't take vitamins last week.

I'm going to aim for more exercise this week, as well as work on increasing my water intake. I replaced my iceberg lettuce salad with all-baby-spinach salads for this week. And I often skip the soup and broth, using it just for when I'm hungry or in replacement calories.

I feel okay. Since I didn't eat strictly from my list of foods, and had a lot of substitutions, ketosis didn't kick in. I felt hungry, which is normal for the whole weight loss thing. But because I was eating so often, I didn't starve myself out. And my "menu" has a lot of room for combining ingredients. So even though my choices seem rather restricted, I had some wiggle room.

Hoping I can see similar progress this week! :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


So I drew a thing in MS Paint at the beginning of the year that I found recently. It traumatized me, but it's good therapy. It's printed and on my fridge as I type this blog. I even added some pencil shading for added effect. Now, it was intended for my eyes only, but I have a point to get across. Here ya go:

It may or may not be perfectly accurate, but I fear it's closer to reality than I wanted to admit. There I am on the left, double chin and rolls and all. Flabby bat wings and blubbery thighs. And I realized that I have grown complacent in this body. And, in the face of disease and death, I had given up by mere inaction.

Now here's the spiritual part: I may not throw out the "thees" and "thous" all the time, and I can't quote my bible as well as the devil (he doesn't have to LIKE what's in there, but he knows it!), but I am a Christian. I am not better than you. I am not perfect in my outlooks and behavior. I have vices and virtues. I am honest and straightforward to the point of rudeness. And I won't expect anything of anyone else that I can't do myself. The rules are laid out simply. All I have to do is follow them.

As a Christian, I have read that my body is a temple, literally and figuratively. But I haven't taken care of the temple. Even though I wash the surface regularly, the cracks of neglect are showing inwardly and outwardly. I'm placing filth on the physical altar. I want to be the spiritual warrior that God wants me to be, but I can't even fight diabetes in this condition! So I can't expect people to come to God through any ministry I provide-- or get healthy with any advice I provide-- if I can't "practice what I preach."

So I'm proposing a fast of sorts. Fasting is a very personal thing if you do it spiritually, so I'm not going to discuss the spiritual side of my fast. That's between me and God, other than what you read above.

But the physical fast is pretty simple. I'm one meal into it and haven't keeled over yet. :) I'll wait to check back weekly instead of daily. I've made a few daily charts to cross off each accomplishment and meal, right alongside the picture I posted above and the photograph heading on this blog.




6 or 7 Meals Daily:

1.      1 egg with bacon (150cal, 0carb)
2.      1 cup Miso Soup with Nori (84 cal,1 carb)
3.      1 can white tuna with mayo, onion and green peppers (350cal, few carbs)
4.      2 cup lettuce with cheese, bacon and olives (no dressing) (120cal, 2 carb)
5.      2 pieces deli ham with 1 piece cheese (150 cal, 5carb)
6.      1 cup chicken broth or bouillon (nil)
7.      1 chicken breast (120cal, 0carb)
8.      SUBSTITUTIONS: 2 C Broccoli w/Soy and Butter, 1 filet salmon, 1 cut venison with onions and peppers, 1 whole avocado with lettuce, cheese and salsa.


1. Checklist: 1 of each meal, 1 Walking exercise, 1 Weight Training, 1 Vitamins, 1 each Water.
2. Take Initial Weight and Waist/Hips Measurements, then Measure/Weigh-In Once Per Week. Journal!
3. Recalculate progress

I know the calories are lower than the "recommended" amounts. I know the carbs are not calculated exactly. I know, I know! :) But I said last time that this is a process-- a very personal process-- that I intend to test. Numerically speaking, this is probably going to throw me into ketosis in a couple days, same as the Atkins diet. And I've marginalized the meals so that there's no question about portions or anything else, so it's got some WW structure to it. I won't make any boasts about how long I'm staying on it or how dedicated I am to the process, because this isn't about ego. It's about survival. There's no room for macho bullcrap popularity contests. I just wanna live better and longer.