Wednesday, July 20, 2011

End of Week 1: Franken-Fast!

I lost 5 pounds this week! I also lost up to an inch or more off each of my measurements. So far, this regimen is working for me. I've forced myself to do a daily food diary without all the writing. If I deviate from the plan, I just write what I ate in as many boxes as necessary to make up the calorie "cost." I keep my calorie counts and details for each entry posted above this grid on my fridge:

It's a little blurry, but you can see what I'm talking about. I didn't begrudge myself an extra egg or crackers with the tuna salad, or extra deli meat to go with my green salad. I made Mexican chicken with salsa and cheese, plus some refried beans. I made teriyaki chicken with white rice. I ate chicken parmesan with spaghetti yesterday, and still lost weight. :) And I had a rough day the day before that, using up almost all my calories on chocolate and BBQ Grippos. But I'm officially at 279 now, and apparently dropping. :-D

And this is my Activity Log:

Last week, I only exercised twice: once when I lifted weights, and again when I played Tae Bo. I increased my water intake. And we're not going to discuss the sick faces on the 13th, suffice it to say that I didn't take vitamins last week.

I'm going to aim for more exercise this week, as well as work on increasing my water intake. I replaced my iceberg lettuce salad with all-baby-spinach salads for this week. And I often skip the soup and broth, using it just for when I'm hungry or in replacement calories.

I feel okay. Since I didn't eat strictly from my list of foods, and had a lot of substitutions, ketosis didn't kick in. I felt hungry, which is normal for the whole weight loss thing. But because I was eating so often, I didn't starve myself out. And my "menu" has a lot of room for combining ingredients. So even though my choices seem rather restricted, I had some wiggle room.

Hoping I can see similar progress this week! :)

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