Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'M BACK: Atkins Fat Fast

School's out for me, so no more convenience and fast food! I drank sooo much Pepsi! But I've finally found a diet drink that is sweetened with Splenda and has zero caffeine, so I think I'll cope. Stats have hovered around the same. Weight is still 284, which is better than my high point of 300 before I started this blog! So now I'm refocused: Finish Novel, Finish Comic Book, Finish Health Overhaul!

I've decided to break a few habits this week. I'm on day 2 of the caffeine headache. And I've jumpstarted Atkins Induction as of this moment. I'm one meal into the Atkins Fat Fast, which helps people dive into ketosis headlong and makes the most limited Atkins Induction meal look delicious. Here's how it works:

1. Break meals into 5 200-calorie meals for no more than a week (recommended 3-5 days). 1000 calories a day is very low, but the food choices keep you full.

2. Meals consist of high-fat, low or no carb things like 1 oz. macadamias, 2 oz cream cheese, and even heavy cream, tuna salad and sour cream. Weird, I know, but look up details online. Someone else is much more excited about the science behind it, I guarantee. I know the basics, but more importantly, it works!

3. Forces body into high-activity ketosis. You're still eating, but your body says "Oh, no! Starving!" so it mobilizes fat for energy. In a real starvation scenario, your metabolism bottoms out after a day or so to use as little fat fuel as possible so you increase your chance of survival. Since you're still eating, your body's metabolism is confused into staying high to keep the fat moving since you're not giving it carbs to burn.

4. Appetite suppression. Hunger subsides during ketosis because your body is protecting you from the discomfort of hunger. After all, you're "starving"! The Fat Fast is different from Induction because of the restricted, smaller amounts of high fat foods one eats. Simply put, fat satiates. We can tolerate less food because there is more fat in the smaller amount. In Induction, protein is counted on for satiation, with a bit of fat thrown in.

Luckily, most people only stay in Induction for two weeks, and only use Fat Fast for under a week to start the diet or to break a plateau. The diet starts to look pretty normal after these two stages, especially as far as variety goes. Ketosis still plays a key role, but weight loss is knocked down to 2 or 3 pounds a week-- a normal, acceptable amount.

Truth be told, I'm bored with being fat! This is where I would insert all the reasons to lose weight I've given before. But boredom is miraculous! It's how I dive headlong into most ventures, actually. And once I dive in, the activity is never far from my mind. So here I am again, even though I never really left. And here I hope to stay!

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