Monday, April 18, 2011

Franken-Diet, On Again... Again!

Given the Franken-Diet concept and the annoyances I've had with Weight Watchers, I guess it's appropriate that I would just chuck most of the WW rules out the window since I can't get their stupid "necessary" calculator. So I'm guessing i can start with, oh, about 40 points per day, with a definite Atkins leaning.

Today, due to a scheduling conflict regarding sleep-over-dishwashing, I am eating junk for breakfast and lunch. McDonald's and some Pop-Tart knockoffs. And still well within my points range, I do believe.

Other than my throat closing a bit from stress and the Diet Dr. Pepper's Aspartame, I'm feeling bitterly determined. :) Hell hath no fury like a woman's fat mobilization scorned! No? Well, something like that, anyway.

Love and Cuddles,

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