Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 1: Starting Slow

I finished today's exercise routine, but I'm a long way from my daily time goal. I'll have to start slow or risk injury, according to the mantra of every doctor in existence. I did one set of my upper body strength training routine and a paltry few minutes of shadow boxing without breaking anything. Just to get the blood pumping. (If you saw my small apartment, you would know how much of an accomplishment that was!) It has become clear that I will have to work up to several sets of strength training to get anywhere near an hour of that. And aerobics will take the most pouty trudging to make into habit. But I did it, with fresh "jelly arms and fingers" trying to make typing happen at this moment.

Meals today will consist of leftover turkey. And maybe some leftover carb-rich food so I don't have the "waste not, want not" mentality. But all the bad-for-me crap will be gone or pretend-spoiled by tonight so I can jump on track tomorrow.

EXERCISE TIME: 20 minutes, anaerobics (1 set)/aerobics combined
EXERCISE GOAL: 1 hour each, anaerobics/aerobics combined
TIMEFRAME TO GOAL: Slow buildup to End of January


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