Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 3: Getting the Lead Out

Today, I realized two things: 1) Slipping into the diet before January (my original pre-blog plan) will be difficult with all the people shoving holiday celebration food in front of me, and 2) I haven't had a Pepsi in about a week. This means that I have happily accomplished one thing-- cessation of caffeine consumption-- and failed at another-- jumpstarting my diet. As the latter has only placed me behind by a couple days, I won't hold it against myself this time. But kicking the Pepsi habit was more of a fluke. Snow and ice have kept me holed up here for a week without my fix!

I did, however, complete one full set of anaerobics today. Yesterday, I had forgotten in my previous goal that the set for Day 2 would be Lower Body, and that routine is twice as long as the Upper Body, so I only finished one set. Today, I doubled my Upper Body workout to two sets. As a result, I lazed about with sore pecs and shoulders, watched crappy movies with a friend, and didn't do much aerobics.

I know we women have pecs, but I would tentatively call pecs the least utilized muscles in a woman's body. We're not hardwired for butterfly presses, apparently. Just going by the soreness, though.

GOAL: JUMPSTART DIET, JANUARY 1st... 2 sets of Lower Body Anaerobics on Day 4 (when I get up, not now!)

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