Friday, December 31, 2010

Days 4 & 5: Oh, No! Pepsi!

I drank a Pepsi on Day 4. I also ate the evil lasagna that Ryan and I made. I get to blame Angela for this one, on the day of her visit. So, given a relative lack of activity and an abundance of horribly good food, Day 4 was a total Health Overhaul bust. But given the fact that I hadn't seen Angela in almost two years, I'll be okay with one completely failed day!

Now it's Day 5. Brandon works tonight and tomorrow. Melody's out at Monica's. Mom wants me to play Bingo, and poor Ryan will be all by himself. Ryan's queue of crappy movies still beckons. *cringe* So many hours of crappy movies in the last week!! And it's New Year's Eve. If I'm gonna drink Pepsi, tonight's my last night to do so. I may need it to get through all the things to do.

I'm fighting hard to make time for at least my weight training today. I'll probably do one or two sets of both upper AND lower body to make up for yesterday. Lucky me! Saturdays are aerobics-only, so tomorrow will be good for letting my muscles heal up. And Sunday is only for stretching/resting. That one should be easy to keep!


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  1. I really WAS a great excuse, wasn't I? :) But after this NO MORE CHEATING! Not even for ME!