Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 1, Again: After a week of eating junk...

I'm gonna call this Atkins redo, take 2. Again. :) This lapsing does nothing for my self esteem OR waistline. I'm trying to find out a very important thing: what is the proper motivation??? What will force me to do this when the threat of horrible health consequences has failed? Hmmm...

1. Weddings
2. Halloween costume VARIETY
3. Looking and Feeling 15 years younger instead of 15 years older!

Yep. In that order. The first two relate to the third, but my brain can wrap around them. Having an immovable goal with a deadline is good. Getting ready for weddings and other "costuming" gives me something specific on which to work. Number three will be a byproduct, I'm sure, and I won't realize it's happened until it clicks.

In my life, I've never been at "optimal weight," so saying that I'm getting into shape isn't entirely accurate. I don't know what a "good shape" is for my body, beyond "80lb lighter." And when I work hard at smaller goals and get closer to that, I'll be sure to reevaluate my mentality.

GOAL 1: Make it through 7 days straight on Atkins without blowing a diet gasket and undoing my hard work.

GOAL 2: Make it through a second week on Atkins, likewise to Goal 1.

LOSS GOAL: 10lb +/- by April 17, Goal Weight: 275. I have exactly 14 full days until this goal. That's two weeks of Induction. Please, God, help me to stick to it this time!

GOAL 3: Don't bother posting until I've accomplished GOAL 1.

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  1. Starting over again is so hard - kudos for doing it so many times! :) As I've said before, persistence is a good thing. Oh oh, "persistence is the mother of progress." Booyah! Monday morning wisdom from the girl who should be at work by now! BOOM!