Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 1: Franken-Diet-- Removing Weight Watchers

After a run of unsuccessful attempts, the most recent of which shall hinge on an inefficiency by Weight Watchers, I've decided to go Atkins until the Weight Watchers issue is resolved.

First, a complaint: In generating a new diet system with a points-formula that is too complex for a simple card-stock points determination device, Weight Watchers made an electronic calculator for the purpose. That is wonderful. But when I purchased a kit that was supposed to contain that calculator over a month ago, it contained instead an IOU coupon. Weight Watchers apparently had not "anticipated the demand" for the calculator that is essential for not only determining the points values in food, but also determining the daily points allowance that each member would need to know. So here I am, a little over a month down the line with no calculator. And now I'm told that it will be well into April before the new stock is released. What company in their right mind doesn't anticipate high sales at the beginning of a new sales campaign, AND during so-called "free registration" periods???

Now, savvy businesspeople may think this is a good idea. It forces new members to keep coming back to get their points adjusted every week. At the membership cost, of course. But the dependence annoys me, therefore I will boycott until my complaint is addressed by the company which I've contacted. And why? Other than the general annoyance, I don't have months to get underway. The first couple weeks or even month weren't bad, because my daily points didn't change. (But the diet fizzled when I saw food at the house that wasn't in the book, that I really wanted to eat and couldn't calculate. I could have estimated, but I shouldn't have had to.) :)

So here I am, starting the Atkins Induction diet. I'm staying under 20 carbs per day, eating lean meats, fish, eggs and leafy greens, perhaps some broccoli, maybe some onions or peppers. Perhaps some beef. I'm cutting out most real sugar and most caffeine, I'm takin' vitamins and drinking a lot of water. I'm wearing a pedometer and a WW points ticker converted into a carbs ticker. (The only item I'm not boycotting!)

WEIGHT: Somewhere between 280 and 284
ON FRANKEN-DIET: Well, it's still Franken-Diet, because I'm altering what I allow myself on Atkins (no heavy fatty meats and not much variety in vegetables, allowing more cheese...). But we'll see where it goes from here!

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