Wednesday, August 3, 2011

End of Week 3: Franken-Fast!

My diet survived the Lexington trip with Ryan and Melody yesterday! The "HOT!" light was on at Krispy Kreme as we drove by, and though I faltered, Ryan did not pull over. A definite save! But I finished up most of my wedding shopping. Now all I gotta buy are odds and ends, like cups...

At home, I'm sticking pretty close to the Franken-Fast plan I laid out a few weeks ago. But the diet is taking on increasingly Atkins leanings. I'm just doing a mostly-lean-meat-and-veggies Atkins diet. I haven't had any of the broth-based soups, though they're permissible. I've been limiting my cheese. My carb counts have stayed below 10g a day when I'm home and 20 if I leave the house.

For breakfast, I ate an order of eggs and a couple sausage slices from McD's. I ate lunch at a roadhouse/steakhouse place. I ordered an 8oz sirloin steak cooked medium-well that came with a tiny grilled lobster tail. For my sides, I had two grilled vegetable skewers and, of course, lobster-dippin' butter. (Like I said, Atkins dieting...) I'm not a steak-eating girl, but this stuff was really good! I coulda done with more lobster (size-wise it was about as big as a tiger prawn) but I'll wait until I end up at a more coastal place to eat it again. Meh. Felt kinda guilty eating so "well", but Ryan reminded me that I'm doing Atkins. :) I guiltily ate all of my food plus one bite of the rice pilaf. Bleh. Plus, I drank 2 large diet drinks and water all day. I didn't feel much of the caffeine effects. Maybe I was running it off while shopping? Lunch lasted until 1am this morning. The whole hunger-suppression thing plus a big meal, I guess. 

Oh! I'm keeping you from my progress report! My weight is now 276 (bordering on 277. Time to buy a digital scale!). That's about 4lb down from last week, which is awesome! Half of my measurements dropped less than an inch, and the other half did not change. 

I don't feel drained or tired. I'm sleeping well and waking earlier. I am generally not hungry and don't feel the feed-me! headache until I've just waited too long to eat. I'm drinking plenty of water and Diet Rite. I still have some psychological cravings, but few if any physical cravings for food. So I've mostly broke my carb habit. With my new real-world-non-teaching job starting a week earlier than I expected, I'm getting the new habits in place early on. 

I need to pick up my exercise again, though, since I've slacked. And my yard work efforts have resulted in a smattering of poison ivy allergy here and there, which is uncomfortable but tolerable. This has nothing to do with my eating habits. I'm just angry at the stuff. The splotchy calamine-d look and random itching does not impress me. 

My goals are to gear up for exercise now and to effect an even larger weight loss next week. (More water weight to lose!) I'm giving myself permission to eat multiple servings of lean meat if I need it and tightly controlling my carb intake. Melody and Ryan may even start Atkins after this week, which will be fun.

There I am, healthier bit by bit. It's a long road ahead, but the progress week by week (and day by day!) makes it worthwhile. Things like declining the super-brownie from Little Debbie are mini-victories, and Brandon has been duly scolded about offering such devil food! :D Can't wait to update here next week!

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  1. Good job, Tama! You may have only lost 4 lbs this week, but you're down quite a bit from where you started! I still have no idea where I started, personally, because I was dumb and neither weighed myself nor made any measurements of any kind until I had already been going for a week on the fast part of the diet. I plan to multiply the loss of the second week and add the loss onto my final weight to get an estimate of my starting point...

    Also, probably the hardest thing for me has been turning people down when they offer me food. Last night at my relay for life meeting, they had fat boys there for us, and kept trying to get me to eat it. At first I just said no, but after the fourth or fifth time I told them I was on a strict diet, and they were kinder... Geez, though. Recovering alcoholics don't generally have friends working so hard to get them to drink, why do friends of dieters always try to sabotage?