Sunday, August 28, 2011

End of Week 6: A Little Early, But...

I thought I'd write a bit early for week 6, since I start working my late, late shift tomorrow. My weigh-in today hovers between 275 and 274 pounds. I shaved off just under 6 pounds since starting Weight Watchers Points Plus this past Monday. I know it's all water weight, but I can't help but be excited!

Six days in a row of work, plus limited food access and following the diet according to my prior specifications, helped me to force some progress.

When you're tethered to a headset taking calls, you can't run out for food or even a bathroom break without permission. It's like being attached to a ball and chain in a prison yard. But the hardest part of working is the sitting. I spent the last couple of jobs in a fairly active environment, if nothing else. Teachers-- at least the hard-working ones-- don't have time to sit during class. Other than trying to avoid carpal tunnel, I'm going to have to work on a lot more standing-while-working, if I can get away with it. I just can't stand the numb-or-sore-from-sitting butt. This means I'll have to be extra-active outside work. I did strength training every day this week. I'll update on that later.

I mentioned ages ago that my key to effective eating habits is repetition. I had celery (0 points) with Ranch dressing, plus Cheerios and milk for lunch. For a snack, I'd have a fat-free pudding cup or a serving of no-sugar-added applesauce. I'm drinking Diet Rite, water, and the occasional energy-water additive. I'm on a chicken kick this week. I even made an awesome homemade chicken pizza with fresh vegetables at 5 points per slice. I ate within my points at a couple restaurants, too.

Here's the quick how: I only count 29 points. I am not officially counting overage points that are permitted. Occasionally, I have gone over by a few points. But I know my threshold is so much higher at my current weight that I don't count them. (So there is where my overage points are coming in. I'm just tricking myself into thinking I'm cheating just a bit... Man, I can be dumb sometimes!) The "cheating" I'm doing has to be my list of approved foods. None of Brandon's skinny-kid-who-eats-what-he-wants food...

As I lose more weight, I'll stick closer and closer to the 29 points. But honestly, I don't think I went over 35 or 40 on my really rough day. (Did I mention that pizza was GOOD???) Now, I'm fasting for Brandon's Mom's chicken and dumplings this afternoon, finally. :) Yum!

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  1. Oh, chicken and dumplings. Brandon's mom sounds like an angel. :) Sounds like things are going well. Good job!