Monday, August 22, 2011

End of Week 5: A Thoughtful Retraction

I haven't made it into ketosis. I stopped trying mid-week, when my body rejected the attempt with a veritable landslide of various physiological "opinions." I did weigh in, and I'm back at 280. While I don't feel so hot about that, I am going to follow my own advice. I will try something else. My Weight Watchers Points Plus books have to earn their keep, as I don't want to use them as doorstops anymore.

Today was my first day of work since May, at a non-teaching job. Now that I'm back at a full time job, my day will have a lot more structure and a lot less snack access. I spent all day at work and ate the following:

Three pieces of deli ham (now I'm out...) for breakfast

Lunch was 1.5 Cups Honey Nut Cheerios and a cup of whole milk, plus a fat free pudding cup.

Then there was the experimental dinner: I made miso soup, broccoli with soy sauce, and three smoked salmon-and-avocado rolls wrapped in nori sheets for dinner. The nori sheets quickly became rubbery, as they are wont to do in the presence of moisture. And the smoked salmon was too salty and, perhaps because of the combination with the rubber-seaweed, had a gross, squishy texture. (Blah! The remaining pouch of smoked salmon will be doled out in some real sushi rolls later this week. I can't stomach another mess like today's!)

Plus, I drank two Diet Rites and a Diet Dr. Pepper. Now I'm chugging water.

Since I can't get the Weight Watchers Points Plus Calculator (don't wanna talk about it), I'm doing the following with WW's glorified calorie diet:

I'm starting at the base points value: 29. It's the only set number in the weight loss process. Theoretically, no one goes below this number, even those with a lot to lose. My initial starting point for Points Plus was in the 40s. If I can get through the hunger part, then starting at a lower value should give me some short-term (a few months instead of years) results without any ill-received reactions from my body. And should I get closer to my goal weight and still maintain the number 29, the weight loss will slow naturally.

I'm sick of breaking promises to myself, so I'm taking this one day at a time. All that food today, and I still have a few points left for some applesauce later! :)

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  1. The point is to keep trying. Start every day and make every decision on its own without taking into account past failures and successes. You're doing that, so I think you're doing great!