Monday, August 8, 2011

Mid-Week 4: Ketosis Fizzle

I've been pretty Atkins-strict for a week until yesterday. I ate a Brandon's-Momma meal of mostly carbs, but expected my ketosis to carry me through to the next day, when I jumped back on the strictness again. This is how it has worked before for me. You eat bad foods on Atkins, you have serious temporary, ah, consequences for tipping a very fragile balance. :)

I even weighed in yesterday morning a few days early and have lost another pound! I'm at 175 now! If yesterday didn't hurt me a lot. (No scales til next week!) So the letdown of the day is that I tested for ketosis, which I was pretty sure would be super-obviously-chuggin'-along after a week. But I got nothing. Nada. Zilch. And other words that mean the same.

A negative for ketosis after a week of Atkins means the strips aren't workin', or more probably that I'm doing something wrong. Barring faulty testing strips or hormonal barriers, I should be in ketosis. At almost thirty, my physiology may be changing. I may not be calculating my carbs right. I don't count just net carbs, I count ALL carbs. And I may just be eating too many calories, which I've never experienced on Atkins. But I coulda messed up. Dunno. Don't really care about my body's excuse. Gonna try harder.

So I'm just going to grind to a halt-- like my metabolism-- and do a reboot today. I revised my charts and will dive right in again. This is what I'm going to change to get into ketosis. Seems simple enough:

  1. Control Portions
  2. Measure ALL Carbs
  3. Cut out Deli
  4. Strength and Cardio EVERY DAY
  5. Eat mostly MEAT, EGGS
  6. VERY few veggies

Here's my new chart, with things I can eat, water and exercise tickers, and a place to count carbs:












So there it is. An oops of a week. I was trying, and somehow sorta losing weight. Hopefully this will get me into ketosis so that I can jumpstart my weight loss. I'll let you know how it goes.

NOTE: A quarter of my goal weight loss since January is pretty good, no? But I can't dwell on past tiny victories with the big victory looming another 75 pounds down the road. I said no bull crap, right? Well, now I've got the anger to back up the focus. Stupid body, not doin' what it is told!

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  1. Well, you've just gotta tell yourself when you have those slip-ups that you can get back on the horse the next day, or even at the next meal. One of my problems in the past has been giving up because of one bad day. No one has to be perfect. You're doing great!