Monday, August 15, 2011

End of Week 4: Ketosis Reboot Underway!

Yesterday, I posted a supplemental log once I realized why my body wasn't in ketosis. Or at least, some theories regarding why. That means all of the new week 4 was a bust, as far as weight loss progress goes. I, the whiny stickler for how simple the Atkins approach should be, was messing up on the basic foundation of Induction!

So I'm sorry: I'll privately record my lack of progress and spare you the numbers this week. Starting today, I'm trying the right, carb-controlled way to make this happen. By next Monday, the first day of my new CSR job, I should be in ketosis. If not, I've either messed up again or become resistant. That latter one would require a different approach, though.

I will intentionally break one of the Atkins Induction rules, though. I'm going to exercise this week, weakness and all. It'll be the last week I can afford to be foggy-headed or very tired. (Except for the chunks of time I spend on finishing the novel. I'll just do that before I exercise.)

I still have onions, and even a few avocados. These need to be eaten. But I'll just limit them. No problem, right? Right? :D

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