Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 10: Ketosis and the Smell of Progress

I've been well under my WWPointsPlus goal number all week. It's not that hard, considering it's such a high starting number! I should get to recalculate later this month. The Wii Fit Plus says I'm 276.5 lb as of yesterday evening, fully clothed and after dinner (these things make a difference, no???) and I'm inclined to believe the Wii. It's a good confidence boost. I expect spurts of weight loss because of ketosis for another couple weeks.

I did the ketosis test yesterday. My level of ketosis is "High"-- somewhere between the two highest levels on the ketone-chart. This means that I'm mobilizing fat instead of burning carbs for energy. Jogging that new balance around every few days is going to be good to jumpstart weight loss again and again.

The down low on ketosis is that ketones are released when fat is mobilized for energy. Ketones exit the body through your breath and bladder, mainly. So you get a weird, not-unpleasant breath and you "pee strong." Drinking tons of water helps with the latter.

The other weird thing is that I'm loving the plain foods that I'm eating. It's all just un-messed-around-with in a good way. Cheese and soy sauce and spices are the only thing I've eaten that aren't in basically their natural form. No carbs equals no over-processed foods. I did eat a couple cookies for my enjoyment, but it wasn't a true craving. Simplifying my food and focusing on lean protein has literally made me feel better about my progress and my body.

Exercise is the other thing I've been doing daily for the past three days. I've made it a priority and that seems to be working out. That, too, has made me feel immeasurably better since it acts as part and parcel of the overall improvement process. I want to look better in clothes... and costumes! :-D I want to feel better. I may even want to jog or run or take up a martial arts class. I want to hike for miles without falling over out of breath! Cumberland Falls and summertime, here I come!

For the first time in my life, and with many goals in place, I feel totally committed to getting my health under control. I feel completely committed to this year. 2011 will be a very positive, eventful year!

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  1. After reading several articles (aka I'm no expert on the subject) I'm pretty sure that enriched flour, among other non-food additives that tend to be in carb-rich modern foods, are probably the reason why these low-carb diets work. I bought whole grain (like, REAL whole grain, with fewer than 7 ingredients) bread this week, and I feel totally satisfied after my lunch sandwiches. That never happened with the cheap wheat bread I used to buy. So if you ever get bored with Atkins, try just cutting out the enriched flour. That alone will make you no-carbs when eating somewhere other than where you control the ingredients of your food...