Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 8: Franken-Diet PROGRESS!

I am down to 278 lb. That's a 2.9 lb loss from my last posting, and a 7.9 lb loss from Day 1 of Franken-Diet with Weight Watchers Points Plus. So far, with several mess-ups and a whole lot of chicken, I've managed to lose weight.

I feel content and un-hungry with few real cravings. I've even remembered to take my vitamins! Sooo, preliminary studies are showing that the Franken-Diet's system of checks and balances are working even better with WWP+, which allows me more points (or I've finally buckled down to the reality check of focus). That, and I've eaten an avocado a day for almost every day this past week and a half... It hurts in the points category AND the carbs category, but I save them up daily for this purpose.

Weekly "Boring" Food Staples:
1. Chicken (baked or grilled) or Grilled Salmon (rarely beef)
2. Lettuce for dressing-less salad
3. Cheddar or Parmesan cheese for dressing-less salad.
4. Eggs (microwaved, occasionally with bacon or a bit of salsa added) with Chili Powder
5. Avocado (tossed or mashed with onion powder, cilantro and a bit of lime juice, eaten with dressing-less salad or mixed in chunks with Salmon)

Considering that my blog-starting weight was 291, and my overall highest weight was 300, I'm about at the 10% weight loss point that lowers my risk of most of my major health risks. Feels good. I think I'll keep going!

Next major goal is 261, I think.

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