Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 15: Calorie Bomb!

Chinese food joined evil forces with McDonald's to ensure Franken-Diet's momentary demise. And by "momentary," I mean all of yesterday. I blew out all of my "cushion" points and didn't earn any more activity points to undo the damage. But it was a rough day, so I made it a horrible day via eating. Luckily, Tuesday was the last day in my week-to-week diet rotation.

I get to start with a clean slate today. Considering Goal 1 (by 2/28/11) was 275 and I fell short of that, and Goal 2 is 260 (by tomorrow), I have decided to skip my weigh-in this week. I know it's bad and that'll just discourage me. I'll give myself another week to purge the food-nasties from my mind and body, and try to see if I meet either goal.

Melody found a picture of me from a few years back. I look absolutely skinny then compared to now. That disturbs me since I hadn't realized how quickly I'd piled on pounds up toward the 300 mark. Granted, I was about 240 or 250 at that time, but it was enough of a jolt to wake me up to the real problem! I gained the most visually obvious weight in just a few short years. I really piled it on. And until I get down to 240 or 250, I'm just struggling down to my early post-college weight. Not even the lifelong over-weight. Very scary.

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