Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 6: WWPointsPlus/Atkins Franken-Diet

There. Now that my titling system is totally upended, I'll give the briefest of updates.

1. I went to session one of Weight Watchers Points Plus and got my books from that. Out with the old, in with the new. The new WWP+ system is very similar to the Atkins Diet concept. Both take into account the body's digestive processes related to the TYPE of food eaten, instead of calories alone. The main difference is that Atkins forbids fruit and some vegetables while WWP+ makes most of these items "free." So, I've integrated the more accurately designed WWP+ routine into my Franken-Diet.

2. Franken-Diet functions fairly well. I weigh in tomorrow, and have kept within one threshold or the other as my rules dictate. When I can't keep my carbs down due to a special day, I'm able to let the Points soak up the overage. And overall, I think I'm eating less than I would have otherwise. The combination of tracking, eating lean meats and pure fats, eating vegetables, and avoiding almost all sugar and excess caffeine leaves me feeling healthier and more alert. I've even remembered to take my vitamins a few times, thanks to the WWP+ tracking booklet.

3. Unless I've lost no weight whatsoever, the Franken-Diet can continue as it is now. I still have to pick up a special calculator from a WW meeting to recalculate my permitted points as needed, but I may still have hit ketosis, regardless.

1. Ryan and Melody's wedding 9/10/11 (I be a bridesmaid in green. Makes me nervous!)
2. Ren-Faire in June, 2011 (I am indeed one of those people, sorta.)
3. Halloween! (Yes, I'm also one of those!)
4. An as-yet-undisclosed event in November.

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