Friday, February 25, 2011

Wk 2, Day 3: Hectic!

The quick version of Franken-Diet progress:

I've been mostly staying within my WW Pts, but I have not succeeded in staying within my carb count the last couple of days, probably due to the "good" food associated with good company. But Susan's mom is a great cook, and sent some of this good food. She also brought her Grandma's cookies. It's hard to resist Grandma cookies!

The quick version of Stats:

I have not written down my stats for the last couple days either, and backtracking won't do much good at this point. If there was damage done, I only have to get back on track (a term which I have overused of late) immediately on the morrow and begin again. But even in the crazies of bad eating, there was diet progress, as I'm down to 280.9 pounds today. Just think of how well I would do if I didn't mess up!

The quick, quick version of Goals:

1. Stay under 20g Carbs and 35 WW Pts for the rest of 30 day period.

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