Monday, September 26, 2011

End of Week 10: Weigh In!

Enter the digital scale and a much less hit-or-miss approach to weighing in! I did lose 0.2 pounds last week, down to 274.8 lb. The previous weight was on the Dial-o-Scale, and my current weight is digital. I may have lost more or less because of the discrepancy between the two, and subsequent lack of accuracy. But the numbers should be more accurate from here on out. About that, I am excited!

My success rate for eating Power Foods last week was only 3 days out of 7, or 43% of the week. Not promising numbers, but bound to improve. I realized that every off-task day puts me a few days behind in my attempt to get the fat furnace burning. This does not bode well for any long term mental or physical success. The fact that I feel better emotionally and physically after a proper day spent on the Simply Filling plan should serve to keep me focused this week. Or rather, I shouldn't have trouble NOT eating what I haven't put in the house or brought to work with me! :)

Yesterday, I realized that I had actually made more progress than I thought since the year's beginning. My awesome discontinued wedding dress (the one I bought in February or March) had a 6 or 8 inch gap in the back when I first tried it on in the store. Or should I say, the zipper was 6 or 8 inches from closing. When I tried on my dress a couple weeks before Melody and Ryan's wedding, we could get it zipped without damaging the dress. Granted, I couldn't breathe much, but I've made my point. I feel better now...

So that's why there's another ticker on the blog now. With a little bride walking to her doom, ahem, I mean walking to her goal. I figure I can realistically and with little health risk lose 16 pounds by the wedding. In so doing, the dress would fit like a dream instead of a vise. So there's my short term goal. 0.2 lb down, 15.8 to go!

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