Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Zero-Out Kinda Day


Brandon and I celebrated our 9 year dating anniversary-- a couple days late-- yesterday. We ate Japanese food. And I didn't go all Power Foods. But the damage is done. 

6 Lobster Rangoon 6pts + 
Miso Soup 2pts
Salad with very little dressing 2pts
Hibachi Chicken 2pts
Vegetables 3pts
Fried Rice 6pts +
Spring roll 5pts

...and a Blizzard from Dairy Queen. 15 +

I just busted my weekly points in celebration. I had to deduct Power Foods amounts from other ingredients to get the right numbers. Everything I ate totaled around 41 points. Even though it took me all day to eat this stuff, I'm still kicking myself. If I hadn't had the Blizzard, for instance, I wouldn't have gone over my weekly points at all. But I'm going to live with it. There's no weight-loss seppuku in my future. I'm proud of myself for not despairing and throwing in the towel this time. There's just no benefit to a negative mentality. I'm not just on a diet, I'm changing my lifestyle. And that takes time to get right.

The GOOD news:

Since my work week starts today, and I won't be shopping, dining out, or socializing for at least a week, I don't detect any threats to my diet until then. By then, I'll have my points back. :) Theoretically, I can eat all Power Foods from now through at least Monday. I'll just replace my morning Kashi GoLean (1 unopened box left) with oatmeal for the remainder of this week. Yum. (Kashi GoLean was on sale for 2.99 at Kroger. I almost re-stocked. But since it's not a Power Food, I'm cutting it out for now, since relegating it to "occasional snack" would render it stale. So after this one box, I'm finished!)

I also replaced my dressing with fat-free sour cream, a Power Food. I used a low calorie Ranch powder packet in the sour cream and bought baby carrots, which I split into serving-size snack bags. In case you're wondering, a three-ounce serving of baby carrots is almost precisely 8 baby carrots. It's not that I'm OCD. I just read the bag, noted the servings contained, got out the 10 snack bags and started separating carrots one by one into the bags. And ended up with 8 in each bag plus three. That's not all that obsessive, I think. :D

I bought some great red and green bell peppers on the cheap, so Power Foods stuffed peppers are in the future. These freeze and nuke exceedingly well, so I may stockpile them. I'm also breakin' out the salmon for a Cajun bake this weekend. I have lettuce and bought fat-free refried beans for later on, to try my shell-less "Faux-Taco" salad. Very exciting stuff!


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