Tuesday, September 13, 2011

End of Week 8: A Wedding and A Pseudo-Stall

The bridesmaid dress fit and looked much better than I expected. I felt more confident in the thing, even though I contended with the arm blubber. Thanks to a weekend of wedding-based food excess, I've fluctuated between 272lb and 275lb. My body just hasn't resettled yet. And my body is protesting. 

My guilty admission is that from Friday evening through tonight, I haven't counted WW Points. I was busy and had convenient fast food, reception food, and cupcakes. Also some Grippos. So therein lies the oopsie. But helping my friends get ready for their wedding was worth it!  

For the past few weeks, I've held strong to my whole milk is better than fat-free milk theory. If I had to have milk with my cereal, it might as well be "red cap" milk. Well, that's all fine and peachy, but fat-free milk uses half the points of regular milk. And milk is just a vehicle for cereal anyway...

So this week's change is to use only fat-free milk with my daily cereal. It takes my cereal points from 7 down to 5. This may not seem like much, but a couple points can make or break my day since I'm only officially doing 29 points per day. Fat-free milk is also a WW "Power Food," so it's on the "Atta good girl" list, which is mostly comprised of lean meat, veggies, fruit and low-fat dairy. (Sounds like a diet I know...)

I did okay a week ago on "ballpark" figures for weight loss, meaning I didn't worry if I went over the 29 points a few points here and there. (I originally had 47 points to play with.) Well, that got out of hand often enough for me to rein-in my points more starting tomorrow. I'm not whining about individual foods, or my own personal weakness. I just lost reason and logic with what constituted "a few points." I'm challenging myself to stay within the 29 point limit, one tedious day at a time, until it's second nature to me and I see results. Just a warning... I may do a blog that just says "Yay, I did it today!"

Over the next couple of weeks, I'm phasing out processed sugar and starch, starting with my fat-free puddings. I'm working toward eating "real" foods, if not whole then pretty darn close. :) I'm sure I can find a suitable fruit or vegetable to replace them as a daily snack. But right now they're a chocolate fix that keeps me out of Brandon's brownie stash.

Avoiding white bread and potatoes is like second nature after developing the Atkins mindset. And the cereal I'm eating is whole-grain and high-protein. So I'll keep that for now and reevaluate my decision once I run out. Avoiding sugar is simple if I simply don't purchase it. (I will just avoid opening "Brandon's side" of the cabinet!) 

But first things first... Tomorrow's my day off. Looks like some Kashi with fat-free milk, dishwashing, and yard work are in my immediate future! Well, SLEEP is in my immediate future, and my not-too-distant future involves those other things. :D


  1. I allow myself one square of expensive dark chocolate per week. I can't live my whole life without chocolate, and since it's expensive I'm unlikely to just pig out on the whole bar at once. I've had a bar of IKEA chocolate (not expensive, but rich enough to satisfy me) for nearly a month now, and I've still got half of it left, even after sharing. Heck, even if you ate one square a day, it probably still wouldn't kill your diet.

  2. Thanks, Angela! I like dark chocolate, and it'll be a welcome departure from "low quality" puddin' cups. :) Also, I found out that bananas are ZERO POINTS!!! I have found the daily puddin' substitute! And I may have to switch from applesauce to real apples sometime... But I don't wanna get carried away, now, do I? :D