Tuesday, September 20, 2011


After posting that monster list of Power Foods the other day, I realized that I had quite a few meal possibilities. So I doodled another list yesterday-- a list of potential meals. I made an informal, long-term meal plan which should be fairly foolproof. We'll see. As I make these things, I'll post some pictures and recipes.

  1. Fish, imitation crab, or meat & teriyaki/soy sauce stir fry with brown rice and veggies.
  2. Baked or grilled fish or meat & grilled or baked veggies.
  3. Sushi prepped with only Power Foods. (This one will be experimental!)
  4. Pinto beans and onions with sauerkraut and greens. (The stay outta the office meal!)
  5. Refried beans on salad with tomato, perhaps avocado, and a dollop of fat-free sour cream.
  6. Salads with veggies, fat free cheese and zero dressing.
  7. Baked or grilled or seared wild-caught salmon & avocado chunks tossed salad with cilantro and lime juice. (This is sooo good, and very simple!)
  8. Tuna salad with mayo, avocado salad, or salad with fat-free deli meats.
  9. Chicken or lean beef stuffed peppers with brown rice
  10. Lean meatloaf with brown rice.
  11. Spaghetti meatloaf casserole (Sounds horrible for healthy eating, but I’ll healthify it!)
  12. Spaghetti & meat sauce with fat-free parmesan cheese. Or simple parmesan pasta.
  13. Baked green beans, carrots, and any other veggie I can throw together!
  14. Eggs: boiled, deviled, fried, with salsa & sour cream…
  15. Oatmeal prepared with fat free milk and cinnamon.
  16. Less simple snacks: Sour cream dip with veggies, baked apple with cinnamon, grilled banana in milk, carrots—fried and sweetish.
  17. Kashi GoLean with fat-free milk and banana. Mmmm…
  18. Of course, the ever-simple grab-n-go fruit, vegetable or piece of cooked meat. 
 I don't think I'll feel too deprived with this list backing up my resolve. :) Many of the meals can be made cheaply in large batches and components can be frozen. Some components can make several different meals at once or over a few days. And other options are ready-made or quick to make. This'll save time, money and my wavering resolve as I drive past Taco Bell on the way home to waiting food.

I'm down to two fast-food meals I can lean on if I must eat fast-food: Wendy's chili and a side salad (and a dab of fat-free sour cream!), or McDonald's grilled chicken and a side salad (maybe I'll make some fat-free sour cream Ranch for this, too.).

I am still only partly joking about planning a week of eating only watermelon. (Cuz it's a Power Food!) It may kill me, but what a way to go!

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