Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Little (AWESOME) Victory

As of that last bite of post-work, midnight oatmeal, I made it through one day of the WW Simply Filling program WITHOUT CHEATING!!! And I feel pretty dang good about it, too. :)

I ate Kashi and fat-free milk, a side salad and piece of grilled chicken from McD's, baked chicken and veggies for lunch at work, two applesauces, 1 Diet Rite, 1 fake-sweetened powder pouch and water, oatmeal made with fat-free milk, and all kinds of water.

Points-wise, I guess it rounds out at about 30, which is well below my previous level of WW messing up. As I bring in more variety, it'll be a challenge. But for now, I'll stick with what I know I can manage. So far today, I've declined Brandon's snacks, bologna, nasty Teddy Grahams, a real Mtn Dew from the machine, and the Taco Bell drive-thru. Pretty snazzy!

I think the secret will be in measuring portion sizes of each item I can eat. At work, I can only eat what I bring, which averaged out to about 4 ounces of chicken and a cup and a half or less of cooked veggies. And I was satiated. For at-home meals, I can do the same thing: break up all my cooking (immediately) into serving-size containers. Tomorrow... I buy more containers!

Such a small accomplishment has made my day!

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