Thursday, September 29, 2011

Power Foods Sushi A No-Go

Brandon made the brown rice for me with extra water as I requested for yesterday's experiment. But there was by no means enough starch to even pretend the stuff could stick together enough to make sushi rolls, let alone stand up to slicing and arranging. So I made regular sushi for all of us yesterday and counted off my portion on my points (almost 10 points for two small rolls). I also took a healthy points hit with the fried rice I made (10 points! Ouch!). This meal took the rest of the day to eat, so it was okay. I guess my stomach has shrunk, because after one roll, I was full-ish. The fried rice had to wait until dinner.

I have decided that I could probably do some nice sushi cones using the seaweed and the brown rice with veggies and other yummy stuff. Next time, maybe!

The upside is that I have enough brown rice to spread out in a few meals over a few days. I'll probably make the imitation crab stir fry at some point. 

I've gone five or more days within my daily and weekly food goals, and I feel pretty good about that. I'm weighing myself daily, but I'll only post on Monday mornings. With the shiny digital scale, weigh-in isn't as frustrating and vague. I look forward to Monday's progress report. Just a few days to make some headway!

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  1. I have seen short grain brown rice at the store before... Maybe that would work?

    Also, you need to put up a progress picture! (I do, too, if it makes you feel better...)