Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tama's-Log, Supplemental: Things I Learned

Apparently, unsweetened applesauce is zero points. My kiddie applesauce ingredient list is "Apples, Apple Juice" or "Apples, Cinnamon". No refined sugar in there! Therefore, my applesauce now falls in the zero points category with bananas. :)

Also, I read up on the Simply Filling option for Weight Watchers Points Plus. This option limits my food options considerably to 1. Fat-free dairy, 2. Lean Protein, and 3. Fruits and Veggies, plus low-fat whole wheat bread, the latter of which doesn't interest me. For any foods not in this category, I would deduct those point values from my weekly overage allowance of 49 points.

The concept is that, other than the vitamins and minerals crap, all the lean protein stabilizes your blood glucose, keeping you full longer, and the other stuff is filling and provides fiber, which, uh, does what fiber does. :D And you eventually eat less and less because you stop when you're full, so your smaller body will need less and less.

Sounds a lot like South Beach Diet or Atkins' Lifetime Maintenance to me, which is fine. A healthier lifestyle by any name is still a healthier lifestyle. With the exception of my Kashi Go Lean (not a Power Food), when I'm not screwin' up, I'm pretty much only eating Power Foods anyway. So maybe I'm complicating a simple concept. If the only points I have to count are Kashi GoLean, and the occasional Ranch dressing, I may switch my plan and just do Simply Filling.

I may try it next week to gauge my likelihood of success. :)

Also, my next weight-loss mini goal is 13lb, 5% down from 272 lb. 72 pounds just looked a little large to me, so I'm breakin' it down for now. That means my weigh-in goal is 259 lb. I can't really remember the last time I was in the 250 range, so this is an exciting checkpoint to attempt. I'd like to reach this one before my wedding on 11-11-11, a little under two months from now.

Opinions are appreciated!



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