Monday, September 5, 2011

End of Week 7: Not Bad

I closed the week with a whopping 2 pound weight loss! Hey, hey-- it's progress, at least. And scientifically "textbook" weight loss. I'll take what I can get. I also ramped up the exercise this week, which may account for a "false" weight, since I may have put on some muscle. I lifted weights almost every day and did my ab routine.

And one day, I did my Tae Bo VHS tape, PLUS my arms and abs strength training routine. A younger, socially awkward Billy Blanks still kicked my butt! (It didn't hurt that I knew the routine by heart! I must have done that Tae Bo workout a hundred times back in high school. Brings new dorky meaning to the term "kickin' it old school"! There! My one bad joke for the day...)

So I'm down to a wobbly 272 now. The old style dial is a pain for accuracy's sake. I really need to break down and get a digital scale. Maybe today is the day! I think that when I get down below 270 that I'll consider it a solid accomplishment, considering my long term goal.

Weight Chart

Right now, Weight Watchers Points Plus at 29+ points per day is working. When I reach a plateau, I'll probably try a lean-meat Atkins again, or something else. I still think there's merit in combining different methods like I do in the Franken-Diet, so I still incorporate that mentality with WW. But until I

My highest weigh-in ever was in January, at 300lb. There's no worse hit on the self esteem than when the old dial scale goes back around to zero. Even though I don't really beat myself up a lot-- I just dive into the next productive task-- that day was my wake up call. That was my last straw, and so began the struggle.

I have lost 28 lb since then, and about 19 since starting this blog. But I've made progress, and that's what matters. To wear flattering clothing, to feel better, and, more importantly, to save and extend my life are valid goals. I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere with this thing!

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  1. Slowly but surely, you're getting there. I'm really proud of you because through your ups and downs you've stuck with it and haven't ever given up. That's how you win! :)