Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 40: Bounce-back VS. Backdraft

This week, I had some really good WW days and a really, really bad WW day. Like a Krispy-Kreme fundraiser order arrived kind of day. I'm hoping I have the ability to bounce back tomorrow and dive onto the WW wagon again. I'm not all that upset with myself now, but I will be if I don't do the diet correctly starting tomorrow.

In doing all the employment things, I also neglected exercise. Another chance tomorrow!

All this, and it's still too early to say whether the Weight Watchers diet is more effective than Atkins. I'm sure that this simplified calorie diet works for many people. I want to give it a solid month before I give in. And I gotta stop wasting my splurge points at the beginning of the week! It turns into a crutch instead of a cushion. I'm worried that so much diet flexibility will chip away at my willpower. But I have faith and patience. I'll make it soon enough!

PROGRESS: Negligible since last post.

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