Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 42: Daylight!

After a long weekend of messing up a diet to the point of not counting points, I have woken up early with the steadfast intent to do better starting this week. No more crutch points unless I show progress by the end of the week! The reason the diet hasn't worked-- by Day 13!--  is that I've not been as dedicated to the system as a whole as I should be. Counting points doesn't mean anything if I don't stay within my established limits. I had mentioned before that less variety means a more successful diet for me because I won't get carried away with my options. Here I am, letting the food get away from me.

So this is Weight Watchers, Round 2. I won't post my weight because I haven't made an earnest attempt since late last week. I'll just try again and let you know if I succeed!

Now, it's early in the year so far. I'm not worried that I'll fail in my goals yet. However, Goal One's deadline is March 17th. Once I find the process that works best for me and stick to it, I know I'll do just fine. The initial 10% weight loss should be the easiest, but I'm complicating it!

PROGRESS: Kicked in the pants!

GOAL: 261 lb by March 17

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