Friday, February 18, 2011

Wk 1, Day 3: Eggs, Eggs, Everywhere!

The so-called ideal Atkins breakfast food invaded my fridge after grocery shopping last night. So there will be eggs today! Mostly, there will be omelets and scrambled eggs. A really good omelet when I was starving cost me 15 points yesterday and practically 0 carbs, but it had cheddar cheese and bacon, and 4 eggs. Yes, I know. "Moo!" I say. I also say, "Yum!" This points/carbs thing isn't as hard to do as I thought it would be. Math aside, it's good food.

Based on my first month of only 20 grams of Carbs per day, which I may stick with indefinitely, I probably won't get much wheat pasta or oatmeal after all. I won't deviate much from 20 daily carbs, but that's what works for me! And I may go ahead and start exercising in Week 1, based on how I'm feeling right now, which is pretty good.

ADVICE: Save most of your carbs for dinner. You'll be less likely to have overages and, since carbs take up a lot of WW points in general, you'll have more Points to spend on dinner!


Tuna Salad with Olives and Real Mayo
Sprite Zero
Cheddar Cheese snack
Chicken Broth
Baked Chicken
Big Iceberg Salad with Bacon and Shredded and Parmesan Cheese, no dressing. Lightly salted.
Sugar-free Jell-O
NUMBERS: 30.5/36 WW Pts, 4/20 Carbs
EXERCISE: Dogwalking only, 1/2 hour.

PROGRESS: I still need to use 5.5 WW Pts. before the night is out. I'm not as concerned with using up the carbs. I don't crave them all that much after a couple weeks, but I just have to exercise willpower until then. I feel good right now.

1. Meal Timing. Almost midnight before I ate dinner.
2. Avoid the scale until next week.
3. Start taking vitamins. Blah!
4. *hack!* Less Parmesan in tomorrow's salad...

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