Monday, February 21, 2011

Wk 1, Day 6: Weight Watchers Points Plus

I can't wait until weigh-in day! I feel pretty good with this round of dieting. I've agreed to go to a first-session Weight Watchers Points Plus program with a friend tomorrow night. Perhaps it'll be a good thing, since I'm operating on the old points system. I may learn a bit. I doubt I'll stick around for the $40 per month "Attaboy" fee. I'm not in good enough financial shape right now to splurge on it.

Plus, that "keep a little booklet and let us stamp it when you do well" reminds me all too much of a past job I had with similar patronizing tendencies. I'm sure the system works for many people who value the process and the opinions of strangers, but I'll be surprised if I'm a changed woman after session 1. I'll continue with the points process and food journal, which seem to be working well.

ADVICE: Watch "Super Size Me." That documentary will shine new light on the fast food addiction. And maybe make you sick enough to skip a few McD's meals.


Omelet with bacon
Cheddar Cheese
2 Corn Tortillas
Peanut Butter
Sprite Zero
STATS: 31/20 Carbs, 25/36 Points

I made the mistake of eating corn tortillas today, hence the day's carb overage. Too many carbs, not enough Points. I don't think I can manage enough points to bring it up to 36 without eating more carbs. But ugh! I'm not hungry anymore. That means I don't eat, right? :)

I've noticed that, usually, if my carbs are too high, my points are too low. The reverse is true as well. Except for the calorie bombs I drop on myself occasionally. But the points and carb counts seem to be working as a good checks/balances system.

And I think the new WW Points Plus system takes into account the glycemic index and the effect of a high-protein diet. I may already be doing something similar with the Franken-Diet. We'll see after tomorrow!

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