Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wk 1, Day 1: Franken-Diet Begins!


1 Sprite Zero

1 Ranch Dressing
1 Side Salad
3 Chicken Breast Pieces

Sonny's BBQ Chicken
Green Beans
Sweet and Mild Sauce

TOTAL CONSUMED: 30/36 WW Pts, 38/20 Carbs.

PROGRESS: A good first day! Things like sauce and hidden sugar hurt me today, but I did eat in moderation. I woulda been fine if the broccoli and green beans hadn't been so deceptively dosed with the bad stuff! A good reminder! I used all internet-posted point values and nutrition facts to calculate my totals. Better choices tomorrow, and with the exception of some leftovers, no more restaurant food for a while. The evil Sonny's BBQ sweet cornbread eyed me scornfully as I refused its alluring advances. Mell would call this sacrilege. I merely call it a bit o' self control.

1. Lower Carb Intake to stay within goal.
2. Exercise off 18 Carb Overage before tomorrow afternoon. Looks like walking or jogging in place with a movie on! (Overages, blah!) I have decided to exercise at least 3 minutes per 1 carb over. (If I go over on WW Points, I'll use the WW Activity Points calculator for my "punishment.")

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  1. I miss Sonny's BBQ... And yes, that's all I'm saying to this post.

    In other news, my room mate and I split a hot-n-ready pizza for dinner, and our bodies hate us right now.