Sunday, February 13, 2011


I don't like the snowball effect. I like the ripple effect much more! The ripple effect doesn't involve careening downhill while packing inches onto my girth. The ripple effect is about tranquility and a non-weight-related expansion... So here I go, condensing my priorities while expanding my scope! The truth of weight loss is that sacrifice is not only necessary, but inevitable. I'm overweight for a reason and I'm not going to blame it all on genetics! So I will use the bad word "Forbidden" to describe some foods that are not acceptable to me.

FRANKEN-DIET has been moved up in priority. (Right under Write Novel and Make Comic.) So here's what I have so far:


Will combine elements of Japanese cuisine with concepts from Weight Watchers and the Atkins diet.

1. Calculate your Weight Watchers Points.

2. Eat only Permitted Foods for 30 days with the following restrictions.

3. You must eat within your daily points allowance AND stay under 20 grams of Carbs per day. This is where your FOOD JOURNAL comes into play!

4. Splurge Points (35 per week on WW) are only allowed for Eggs, Fish and Lean Meat and ONLY for the FIRST TWO WEEKS of the diet. When in ketosis, you won't be hungry for much after that.

5. CHEAT DAY: On Day 30, you may choose up to 3 Restricted Foods. Record the Points Value in your Journal. Calculate Activity Points and exercise accordingly to negate the effects of the restricted food! Continue Franken-Diet on Day 31. Avoid the Cheat Day if you're feeling great and if you don't have cravings!

EXERCISE: Avoid exercise during Week One. Pick one Activity/Day, starting with low intensity and short times. Give yourself a break one day a week. Add Weights 3X per week. Work up to an hour a day of some type of activity, six times per week.

1. Daily Food and Exercise Journal: Points Values, Overages, Time Spent Exercising, How You Feel
2. Take Initial Weight and Waist/Hips Measurments, then Measure/Weigh-In Once Per Week. Journal!
3. Recalculate WW Points each Month.

Miso Soup/ Seaweed
Eggs (any preparation)
Fish (Any type except breaded)
Lean Meat (Chicken, Pork, Occasional Beef)
Vegetables & Pickled Veggies (Incl. Avocado! None that are starchy)
Occasional Fruits
Cheese (Small Portions)
Pure Fats (Mayo, Oil, Butter, Sour Cream, NOT Margarine)
Soy Products (Mainly sauces. Some tofu)
Wheat Pasta
Brown Rice
Tomato Products (spaghetti sauce, canned and fresh)
Carb and Calorie Free Jell-O
Tea (green, herbal, black, skim milk creamer, no real sugar!)
Occasional Sprite Zero
Spices that are not sugary

RESTRICTED FOODS ("Cheat" Once Monthly, up to 3 in one day, after 1st Month):
Ice Cream
Sushi Containing Rice
White Rice
Wheat Garlic Bread
Anything Ryan Makes
Fast Foods


Non-Diet Caffeinated Soda
High-fat Proteins
Processed Sugar/ Fillers (Cornstarch, Corn Syrup)
Any Food that Contains Processed Sugar or Fillers
Breaded Meats
Non-Wheat Pasta
Cream Soups
Any Carbohydrates Not Found Naturally in Permitted Foods


I Can Eat: Lean Proteins, Clear Soup, Non-Starchy Vegetables, Pure Fats, Wheat Pasta/Brown Rice, and Tomatoes.

I Cannot Eat: Processed Carbohydrates, Breads, Cream Soups,or Caffeine (except that found in Tea).

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