Friday, February 18, 2011

Wk 1, Day 2: Hssss... Math and Aspartame!

I'm glad that the Franken-Diet doesn't involve complex algebraic equations for success. If it did those things, I wouldn't have been the one who devised it. But, like any eating system, there is the daily basic math with which to contend. And, as I figure out the numbers for foods I commonly eat, it'll get even easier!
Leftover chicken
Sprite Zero (wheeze, wheeze-- Aspartame!)
SugarFree Jell-O (gasp, wheeze, Aspartame again!)
Super Massive Omelet with bacon and cheese (and chili powder! Yum!)
Burger King side salad with Ranch Dressing and grilled chicken
Diet Dr. Pepper (gurgle... Aspartame.)

NUMBERS: 15/20 Carbs, 36/36 WW Pts.

PROGRESS: I stayed within my limits on Day 2! Yay! This will get harder with fewer points...

GOALS: I know I have a slight Aspartame/Phenylalanine allergy. (Closing of throat and a bit o' anxiety attack. Yeah, I know! Weird.) Yet I avoid the stuff long enough to forget that it's worse than I realize, and hence long enough to buy lots of Sprite Zero.

1. Remember that I want to simplify my diet to REAL FOODS and cut addictions to fake foods.
2. Drag out the consumption of Sprite Zero as long as I can to avoid symptoms and then DON'T BUY MORE!

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  1. There are diet drinks without aspartame. A lot of them use splenda instead, which I do not believe has phenylalanine. There are enough people in the world who can't have it that those things are usually in bold on the ingredients list...

    If you're trying to kick caffeine, too, don't do this, but Diet Ale 8 is made with splenda, and it's delish! :)