Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wk 1, Day 5: A Stupid Thing To Forget

So... I only ate twice today. I'm rummaging for one more thing or two to eat to finish up my points for the day. I was busy cleaning (Hey, wait! That's EXERCISE!) for a big chunk of the afternoon, so I forgot. And now it's hopelessly late. But here I am, too tired to be truly creative and too awake to jump in bed. And only now feeling the "Stupid Didn't Eat" pangs.


1/2 cup Tuna Salad
Cheese Cubes
Sprite Zero
Baked Chicken on Lettuce, with Bacon and Cheese
Small Cookie

TOTALS: 15/20 Carbs, 30/36 WW Pts.

EXERCISE: House Cleaning 1 Hour, Dog Walking 45 minutes

PROGRESS: Numbers are in range. Late eating is not good. No word on Weight Lost or Ketosis until Wednesday!

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