Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wk 1, Day 4: Yamato's, My Only Weakness!

Productive day, but not so much in the diet category. I screwed up thanks to my own sentimentality! "Oh! Dinner with my Brandon on his day off??? Of course!" I live, I never learn. But hindsight being what it is, I'll try to take longer to forget in anticipation of next time.
ADVICE: Plan to hole up in your house for the first couple weeks of Atkins Induction-style eating! Your self-esteem and willpower will thank you!


2 sushi rolls (salmon & eel and avocado)
Avocado salad
Food with 0 carbs and almost 0 points for the rest of the day! Jell-O supply, here I come!
(UPDATE: Some more uncalculated bad foods happened, but I'm suffering for it!)

NUMBERS: 30/20 Carbs, est. 27.5/36 WW Pts.

EXERCISE: Manual Labor: Plumbing!

PROGRESS: Disheartening, but not overly so! It's ON again tomorrow!

GOALS: 1. Stay away from restaurants, even when I'm not payin'!

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