Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 16: Update!

The diet's going great. Baked chicken for brunch and scrambled eggs for a snack. I'm loading up on plenty of water. I'll be a good girl and take the nasty dirt-tasting vitamins before dinner. (My Achilles' heel, even when I'm making the best diet progress, is continuing to take vitamins!)

Now, there is a particular Ryan friend I have who has decided to make a butter cake with buttercream frosting. He's a professional Atkins-diet saboteur. I'm not all that enticed by his attempt. Take that, Ryan! Now a chocolate cake... That would be mean!

I've got the Atkins Induction diet fuzzies...  I feel satiated with the food, but my body's running out of it's carb stash. I've found that it feels kinda like medicine-head when I have a cold. It'll be over by tomorrow or Thursday for sure. Ketosis, here I come!

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  1. Getting prepared with healthy food is for sure the way to go (I guess this is a comment on your last entry though).