Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 33: Points, Points, Everywhere!

I've eaten some un-Atkins-y products the last couple days. I've not felt sick yet, but I am keeping track of what I eat. I just don't think my body knows what to do with itself just yet! Some good news: my mom is starting WW with me. :) Not many people are willing to do Atkins with me, but apparently WW is a more plausible way to go. Yay support!

Yesterday, I stayed well within my points range, eating Jell-O, olives, a cheeseburger, and a couple bowls of cereal (each with a couple 1 cup servings) with milk (for dinner). I measured everything like a good girl and had to guess a little with the burger. I was sick of cereal by evening's end and couldn't eat enough to reach my points quota. I still had six points left! I will pretend, then, that I underestimated the burger and my remaining points are taken up by the difference.

I'm heading out to stock up on Weight Watchers meals, maybe. Maybe not. I find it just as easy to make some tuna salad, or to bake some chicken that'll last a couple days of eating right. Plus I'm cheap, and money is a commodity in short supply right now.

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