Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 11: The Reasons We Fail

I would like to pretend that I've made this weight loss goal as a New Year's Resolution that can easily be cast aside and broken. I made the goal at an unfortunate time of year in which the assumption is that I don't mean it. The truth is that I really don't want to die from something as stupid and "curable" as obesity. I'd like to avoid diabetes and heart disease, pain and immobility, and the terrifying haul-her-out-with-a-crane morbidity that I have not only seen in the media but witnessed in my life.

Although I'm failing miserably this instant, I'm insert-cliche-here ASAP.

I admit that I'm probably in the middle of an overly-dramatic hormone spike right now, but I'm dead serious. I don't care what it takes, and I won't rule out even surgery if it comes to that.  I'll not post daily goals for tomorrow, because it seems like that sets me up to fail. I'll just let you know what I actually do to further my goal each day. If I do nothing, I won't post.

REASONS WE FAIL (Feel free to comment and add to the list)
1. I haven't kept easily-accessed, healthy food on hand. Fast food is eeeeevil!
2. I haven't maintained a good sleep-cycle. Sleeping late and staying up late waste so much of my day.
3. Unsupportive family and friends :-P' ' ' You know who you are, well-loved saboteurs!
4. I plan everything and do nothing.
5. I start feeling overwhelmed, and choose an escape for my sanity, which is apparently not exercise and eating right. And I give up. Willpower degradation, if you will. :(
6. I have a horrible time developing ingrained routines. What I could do with a grain of OCD or anorexia!

So there it is, most of my "funk" has been purged in writing. Now, I'll let it go and see what tomorrow brings!

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  1. 7. We judge our decisions and have a hard time starting over again. It sounds like you're getting into that right now. May I suggest the book Eat, Drink, and Be Mindful by Susan Albers? It isn't a diet book, but it helps to explore your personal relationship with food. I like it because it helped me get to the bottom of why I don't eat right and learn to listen to my own body. You'd think being tough on yourself and feeling guilty would force you to make better choices, but it really just makes the whole dieting game that much harder.