Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 7: Cutting the Crap

I've spent the last couple days screwing up my plans and letting things go by the wayside in the interest of various distractions. Going into Week Two, I'm done with distractions. Since tomorrow is Monday, and I will be repeating my exercise routine from Day 1, it'll be a new day for eating right again!

The only thing I've truly accomplished among my goals from the last two days and today is that I haven't had a Pepsi! Caffeine headache continues... I stared longingly at a Pepsi today, though. Ryan dutifully told me no, as instructed, and I diverted my attention to water.

I'll be able to set up an intelligent and productive schedule tomorrow, and accomplish all the wonderful things I have in mind.

GOAL: Exercise will follow Day 1, Diet will be "Eat Meat and No Carbs, except Some Leftover Chocolate." I need to be in ketosis by January 11, when I'll start a special diet with Susan and her family for a few weeks.  And I'll weigh in tomorrow morning!

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