Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 24: Back in the Habit

I managed to eat a perfectly good Atkins-friendly meal at Huddle House yesterday. I looked on in some measure of sorrow as Brandon ate the gravy and biscuit that I usually prefer. But I survived. And the meal ended up cheaper! I had some carbs by way of miso soup and seaweed, a couple of Slim Jims (don't hate!), and a couple pieces of sausage with my Huddle House meal. I also had some onions and dill cubes in my tuna salad dinner.

I'm a creature of few habits, good or bad. I bite my nails when I'm stressed (yuck!) but I multitask better when stressed. I don't always floss, but I do brush my teeth! :) I'm honest and blunt, but I can be tactful about it. I don't always wear socks in winter, and often wear Crocs in the snow. I rarely buy shirts with long sleeves for winter, but I sometimes wear a coat when it's really cold.

And now that I'm doing my Health Overhaul, I've got to weigh myself at regular intervals and take vitamins (still haven't). The eating part is easy. It's all about not buying stuff I can't eat and prepping food in advance that I can eat. And if I weigh myself every day, I should develop the habit quickly. (Check!) But this vitamin thing... I don't know how to convince the underdeveloped "habit-forming center" of my brain that it's necessary given a diet lacking in certain vitamins and minerals.

I usually remember to do something if I place it in my path. That way, I trip over it and can't ignore it. Maybe a large bottle of fish oil capsules underfoot will give me the jolt I need. Or the twisted ankle I don't need. Ah, habits! How you clothe the nuns and foil my health plans! :)

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