Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 21: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Thank you, Clint Eastwood and Angel Eyes and... The Ugly (?) for today's Health Overhaul inspiration.

GOOD: Appetite Suppression. Easily Followed Diet Instructions. Quick Results. Running Water, Some of Which Can Be Hot. Exercise in the Form of Housecleaning. Self-Imposed Exile. Feeling Confident and Productive and Inspired. Sunshine!

BAD: Slight Aspartame Allergy combined with Sugar-Free Jello and Two Sprite Zeros-- Careful! Banana Splits and Hot Fudge Sundaes being distributed en masse at Bingo, within eyeshot of an Atkins Dieter, so that I both smell like smoke AND have ice cream cravings at the end of the night.

UGLY: Eating Too Many Carbs When In Ketosis! Not Drinking Enough Water on Atkins Diet! Aspartame Headache and Constricting Throat!

PROGRESS: I feel kinda blah! in the stomach today. And I have a headache. As a chunky chick, I rarely get to say this... I forgot to eat this morning. So this may be headache material, since skipping a meal is the only thing that gives me a headache on this diet. I'm planning hamburger patties with mayo for lunch. Perhaps some onion. Perhaps a Jell-O. Yum-- sinew, hoof and skin byproducts!

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