Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 31: The Revised Plan

I've devised a Weight Watchers Point System/Atkins Diet fusion. I'm going to rely heavily on lean protein, non-starchy vegetables, broth-based soups. I'll still avoid most types of carbohydrates except for the occasional chocolate ice cream or the rice in some sushi. (I can't fathom another chum bucket experience!)

So what's changing?

First off, I'll be writing down and assigning a point value to everything I eat. A food diary will allow force me to plan and chart reasons for my progress more efficiently. And there's room to flex the plan if needed without going overboard. But WWPoints rely in portion control, too. Not something Atkins dieters worry about regarding protein! When I lose weight, I lose points.

Second, I may be in a less hardcore state of ketosis during this diet. I'm hoping that if I stick with the lean proteins instead of high-fat portions, I'll still slip into ketosis without too much of a headache. So I'll get the structure of WW Points with the effects of Atkins' ketosis. (And with ketosis comes a loss of the "crazy-lady-eating-everything" appetite.) Atkins fixes an imbalance with another imbalance for the first couple of weeks, and then basically turns into the diet I'll be enjoying.

Third, I'll have some support from a couple friends who will do WW with me (Ryan just got recruited alongside Melody!). Not the big meetings. Goodness no! Just the system and the exercising will be plenty.

Day 30 was my first day and I made it through with 3 points to spare! :) But I get 35 points, which is a lot. It helps that lean meat, eggs and veggies (Atkins diet staples) have low point values while carb-based foods have higher point values.

When I sleep and get up... I'll do it again. I'll weigh myself Monday to see if I make any progress. I'll also check for ketosis to see if I'm right about that. I'm feeling more confident in my ability to manage this diet. I don't feel like it'll get away from me if I slip up for a second. And that's good for more than my health!

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  1. YAY! And it'll help not to have Ryan eating his poptarts with frosting in front of you.