Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 32: Staying within the Points

The secret to staying within your Weight Watchers/Atkins Diet Points Allotment is... bein' a big girl who gets a lot of points! I failed to stay within the allowance yesterday, but the weekly splurge points saved my butt. As long as I hover around more protein and less carbs, I'll make it.

I'm still scared of how the scale will react to my diet-jostling this week, but we'll see on Monday! I expect a fluctuation; I just hope it's a loss rather than a gain.

PROGRESS: Food diary is time-consuming, but serving its purpose of training me to pay attention to what and how much I eat, and how it affects my body. I'm recording points and balances, and still meeting internal resistance to making the diet more Atkins-y-- mainly because I haven't just cooked these past couple days!

NOTE: The reason I feel so good on a high protein diet is that my blood-glucose level doesn't drop drastically if I take too long to eat my next meal. (The sudden dizziness, weakness and a need to eat instantly are characteristics of a borderline diabetic, I think.) I don't like being the crazy-woman-gotta-eat-now lady!

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