Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 19: Chum Bucket

Well, when Dr. Atkins permitted fish on the diet, I don't know if he had a particular affinity for raw fish. I'll just say that a certain professional (my favorite, in fact!) presented to me a certain platter of various nigiri sushi pieces that could have been prettier and more appetizing-looking. But instead, I felt like I was perusing ye olde chum bucket. Don't get me wrong... it didn't smell fishy. Quite the contrary. Good nigiri does not have a smell. It just had a look. I pawned off the random orange slices and maraschino cherries that are not Atkins-approved and ate clear soup, salad, and 14 pieces of raw fish.

Now I didn't blink with the first 10 or so dangly, cold pieces. My favorite warmish piece, I should have saved for last. A huge chunk of eel with sauce tasted sooo good! I did stare at the last two pieces, white tuna and red tuna, and suddenly felt a bit too full. :) But for the price, I would eat those things! Looks like my carb content of the meal rested solely in the mayo-based salad dressing (mixed with crack, I think... but I abstained from overindulging) and the sauce on the one piece of eel. And a little bit of soy sauce and a smaller amount of pickled ginger.

I've made it sound like I've not had sushi, but I've had so much of the stuff and loved it. But in smaller quantities, mixed with other sides and main courses. For plain raw fish, I love white tuna best. And for the various rice-filled sushi I love, I cannot eat them due to carb content. I'm not excited to dive into another chum bucket anytime soon, though. I'll do a more selective plate next time.

PROGRESS: I'm down to 286. Bye-bye some water weight. Ketosis has a nice diuretic effect. (TMI, I know.) Most of my cravings are suppressed. I don't want caffeine, sugar or starchy snacks like chips. (I haven't really seen chocolate, so I can't say I'm over that! I won't buy any, though...) I don't have any withdrawal headaches. After Wednesday, I wasn't really drained of energy anymore. I'm drinking a whole lot of water and haven't been taking my vitamins. I'm starting to feel better!

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  1. YAY for feeling better and surviving Adkins Induction!