Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 26: Potential Diet Disaster

Planning a road trip today. I'll try really hard to eat Atkins-y things, but I can't promise that tempura bananas won't lure me away for my once-per-thirty-days cheat.

Yesterday was a rough day. I had some stress and craved the comfort foods. Oddly enough, one of the sources of stress, traveling in the snow because Brandon had to go to the hospital (he's okay!), I actually didn't get the chance to indulge myself. I ate scrambled eggs, chicken, a Jell-O, and chicken-- not in that order.

PROGRESS: I lost 2 more pounds since my last weigh-in, all thanks to the diuretic effect of Atkins. After this Monday, that effect will wear off some and I'll be digging more into fat reserves instead. If I cheat on the diet today, I'll dive right into Induction for a few extra days to counteract it. And it'll give my body a good jolt. I now weigh 282, for a total loss of 9 lb.

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