Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 29: Insomnia

Couldn't sleep last night... or rather this morning! I almost decided to pull an all-nighter and just keep going all day today. I just felt energized after a creative revelation. We'll see where it takes me! I also didn't eat until way too late. But today, I've got enough eggs, bacon and chicken to gag a vegan (sorry, vegans!) and I intend to make a good Atkins reboot!

I'm studying some Weight Watchers points guides and noticed that an Atkins-y diet doesn't use that many points if you stay on the lean-meat side. I may transition to that diet, but only after Atkins reaches a plateau. Or I may calculate points that I use on the Atkins diet and use their system anyway. That may help me control portions a bit more efficiently.

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