Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 27: Ugh!

I chose yesterday as my monthly cheat day. Lunch was Chicken Lo Mein, Miso Soup and a Dragon Roll. Dinner was McDonald's chicken nuggets with ranch and honey mustard and a large Sweet Tea. Dessert was... double fudge ice cream with M&Ms (bad choice of a mix-in) from the Marble Slab Creamery. The way-too-big lunch meal was all right but kinda "meh!" for a cheat day meal. And the nuggets weren't the be-all-and-end-all either. The ice cream was what I really craved. And it's okay to indulge that monthly. :-D

As this mostly day-long regimen departure nearly killed me, I have decided that my next cheat day will involve a cheat meal and/or a cheat dessert, both in small, craving-satisfying portions. My body reminded me in no uncertain terms that going overboard-- even on a cheat day-- is a terrible decision.

I'll be back on track with my Atkins Diet starting today. I think I'll go with lean meats for a couple days, or even just eggs and Jell-O. No veggies or anything, just so my stomach will settle. My next cheat day will be between February 22 and the end of that month. I've got a whole month of focus and progress.

Next Tuesday, I'll start my exercise regimen nice and slowly. I also want to start an early-up schedule for my health, productivity and sanity because sloth is a sin and my lazy butt isn't getting anything done.

PROGRESS: Stalled slightly due to over-exuberant cheating. Ketosis should be easy to rev back up. I feel much better (and worse...ugh!) after getting the cheat-day out of my system. :) Not touching the scale until Monday, by which time progress should be underway again.

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